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The most beautiful way to record & remember your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life, full of excitement, surprises and joyful moments. From finding out you're pregnant, to buying those first tiny clothes, to decorating the nursery those momentus nine months are filled with important milestones worth sharing.

Palmer's understands the unique needs and desires of pregnant women, from their world-famous skin nourishing and stretch mark fighting products, to their newest asset The Mum In You pregnancy companion app.

The Mum In You is a unique way for mums-to-be to document significant stages in their pregnancy and share them with family and friends. Throughout your journey The Mum In You enables you to capture those special moments - the first ultrasound, telling friends and family, your baby shower - and uses these images in a very special way. On arrival of your precious bundle of joy, The Mum In You uses your selected images to create a unique birth announcement - a mini-movie slideshow that's easily sharable on social media. 

Palmer's know pregnant women are hungry for the latest tips & tricks on pregnancy, birth and parenting, which is why they have partnered with Mumtastic Australia to deliver news and articles right in the app. The Mum In You newsfeed updates daily with the latest health and wellbeing information that all mums-to-be need.

The Mum In You also helps you track your progress by delivering tips and info relevant to each stage of your pregnancy. Just enter your due date and The Mum In You will keep you up to date with your baby's development week by week. This plus a product finder to help you select the perfect Palmer's Stretch Mark formula to keep skin soft, supple and free of stretch marks. The Mum In You truly is the ultimate pregnancy companion.

The Mum In You, brought to you by Palmer's. The most beautiful way to record and remember your pregnancy & beyond. Download now for free from the app store. 

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